The Four Winds has many boarding options available to you and your horse!

Our Barn Manager is Jasmine Throckmorton. She can be reached at 970.691.6122 with any questions you may have or to set up a tour!

Our Main Barn has 13 box stalls, a feed room,  two tack rooms, and four grooming areas. The stalls are 12' x 14' with an attached paddock of 12' x 20'. These are $400 monthly.

The "Cat House", or South Barn, has 10 box stalls, two grooming areas and 16 lockers. The stalls are 10' x 12' with and attached paddock of 12' x 20'. These are $375 monthly.

We have 11 sheds with runs (or paddocks) available. These open front sheds are 10’ x 20’ and the attached runs are 18' x 20'. Tack space is available in either the Main Barn or the Cat House dependent on the side occupied.. These are $350 monthly.

All stalls and paddocks are cleaned daily. Horses are fed twice a day. Once at 7:30am and again at 5:30pm. We include 6 flakes of hay (an average of 30lbs) and the help will feed grain that you provide. All boarding options have automatic waterers.

There are six turn outs available for daily turn-out, but it is the boarder's responsibility to engage in daily turn-outs.

We have 7 acres available for pasture boarding. There are no more than five horses kept out there at any given time, which limits availability. Two sheds are standing in the pasture at 12' x 18'. A second 7 acre lot is used to rotate horses onto during the summer to keep grass growth, which allows for bailed hay to be supplemented as necessary. Pasture board is $300 monthly.

 Four Winds does have a separate "Turn-Out and Blanketing" program that is offered exclusively from board.

Click here for our Services Offered Price Sheet
Click here for a Boarding Price Sheet

Please note that we do not guarantee a place for you and your horse unless a monthly reservation fee is made with your first full month’s board. The reservation fee is non-refundable. $170 for Main Barn, $150 for all Cat House Options, and $120 for Double Runs and Pasture.

Our Lesson and Training Program is run separately by Linnea Throckmorton. Please see the Lesson and Training page for more information.

Please check out our Testimonial's Page to see our success stories as a training and lesson program as well as a boarding facility!