Four Winds travels to both local horse shows and out of state horseshows. Participating in a horseshow incurs fees separate from the training and lesson programs. Please see the Horse Show Price Sheet .  At The Four Winds, we require that 30 days prior to a competition, riders must have a minimum of three rides (one of which needs to be a lesson) committed per week to attend any rated (USHJA affiliated) horseshows or horseshows located off property. Any unrated (schooling show) divisions a student wishes to show in, if located on the Four Winds’ premise, will only require a rider to be in two lessons per week.

The three rides needed for rated or shows hauled to can be achieved by either owning or leasing the horse you intend to show a minimum of 30 days prior to a horseshow. This may consist of the lease of a Four Winds’ horse or any lease of a horse located on premise with proof of documentation. One of the rides weekly in the lease is mandatory to be a lesson with any of the Four Winds’ trainers. Lessons fees are excluded from any lease.

Click the following links for a brief Overview of Leases.
Please see our Competiting Regulations for more details.

If you're completely new to horseshowing, please feel free to reference our Horseshows 101 packet.

 For a generic list of horseshows that the Lesson and Training Program will be attending, please see our Horseshow Schedule

Our Show lease is a month-to-month commitment, consisting of two rides weekly. Additionally, it will be required that you lesson once a week with a Four Winds’ Instructor outside of the lease. Lessons are not included in the lease fee.

 There are two types of horses available: our school horses and our sale horses. There will be no more than three show leases assigned per horse, and a lease may continue throughout the year outside of Show Season.

As Four Winds also has many sale horses for your consideration, we have the privilege to offer our intermediate and advanced riders a variety of rides! If you'd like to check the stock that you may also get to ride, please visit our Sales Page.