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Robin and Knight

“I have been at Four Winds for a long time both as a boarder and a student. I started as a student and eventually purchased my horse, Knight (Bred at Four Winds ). I have worked with Kathy, Charles and Linnea. Knight and I would not be where we are today without their help. I will always be grateful to The Throckmorton family for all the support they have given me.”


Alex and Poe: past sale horse and boarder

“Um we -Poe and myself duh-love you and miss you (obviously why I still creep on this page) but for real, Linnea is an amazing instructor who not only gave me the confidence to step back into the show ring but also introduced me to my boy. She then gave us the knowledge and skills to grow in leaps and bounds before we sadly had to move. We still miss her and the whole four winds family dearly!”


Sunday and Kayla

“Trust. What is the most important aspect of a horse training facility? Trust! Our 12 year old daughter has been riding at Four Winds for more than two years and I can’t emphasize enough how much I trust the Four Winds staff. This is a family run business that is made up of THREE generations of Throckmortons! The family name is synonymous with English riding, hunter, jumper, etc. They know horses, they know rider’s abilities, and they know how to build your trust from day one forward.
We are honored to be part of the Four Winds family. It’s not just a group of riders, trainers, administrators, etc. This is truly a family and that is how you’re treated. We are incredibly protective of our daughter, but have no problem dropping her off for hours at Four Winds because we know that everyone there is a close knit group that watches out for one another. Safety is the first priority and it comes through each day. Following that, it’s ensuring that everyone has an incredible experience. Linnea has built the training business into a first class operation that will benefit you from the first day you mount.
We recently bought a horse from the Throckmorton family and did so with complete confidence because of our Trust in them. They will never take advantage of you and their business is done with a handshake and a smile.
You’d be a fool to go somewhere else for your training or boarding. I don’t know everything, but I know this business and this family. They really are heaven sent.”