"Riding the Winds of Change since 1975"

"What's the number one rule of riding? It's all relative"

The Four Winds has been owned by an equestrian family since 1975. We have always prided ourselves on a more classical approach, instilling connectivity between you and your horse. Our trainers come with rich backgrounds, equipped to take you and your horse to the top of the sport. Meet the instructors on the Trainer Page

We have searched long and hard for the caretakers that are our School Horses. They are a special kind of soul that will enrich your riding career with confidence, determination, and more importantly fun. They will keep you safe while in the tack, but educate you of the woeful fact that horses will always have a mind of their own! Our lesson program will daine to give you the communication and life skills that you need to progress successfully in this sport. Please give these guys a look on our School Horse Page

Our lessons have been separated into two different categories, Premier and School.

Premier riding lessons are booked with the head trainer and are at a higher lesson rate. These are lessons typically booked if you are an intermediate-advanced rider consistently jumping around 2'9" and up, or own your own horse. Please see the Premier Price Sheet for more information.

Our school lessons are booked with any of our trainers available on our school horses. These lessons are for the beginners just learning how to ride (walk/trot) through the beginner-intermediate riders jumping around 2'6" courses. Please see the School Price Sheet for more information. Upon your first lesson, you will be assigned a Group to sign up with.

Riders in School Lessons, Group A should demonstrate  the ability to walk, trot and (or) are LEARNing to canter.
Riders in Group B should demonstrate  the ability to canter and are learning to jump fence heights from pile of poles through 2' tall.
Riders in Group C should demonstrate the ability to jump fences and are challenging themselves at various heights from 2'3" through 2'9".

Please note that we do NOT take riders younger than eight.

If you wish to book your lesson online, please go to our Appointment Page

Clients scheduling must book NO LESS than 12Hours in Advance and Cancellations must be done AT LEAST 2 Hours in Advance. If a time isn't shown, it is not available.

If you have any questions about an appropriate time to schedule yourself check out our Google Calendar on the Lesson and Barn Schedule page, or if you are wondering if another person booked would be a good lesson match, please feel free to contact us via text or email 

Four Winds travels to both local horse shows and out of state horseshows. Participating in a horseshow incurs fees separate from the training and lesson programs. Please see the Horse Show Price Sheet . At The Four Winds, it is necessary that you either own the horse you intend to show or that you are in a lease situation 30 days prior to a horseshow you plan to attend with us. This may consist of the “Show Lease” of a Four Winds’ horse or a traditional half lease of any horse with proof of documentation. We also require that you be lessoning with us consistently once a week on the horse that you are leasing. Please see our Show Lease Program for more details.

 For a generic list of horseshows that the Lesson and Training Program will be attending, please see our Horseshow Schedule

Our Show lease is a month-to-month commitment, consisting of two rides weekly. Additionally, it will be required that you lesson once a week with a Four Winds’ Instructor outside of the lease. Lessons are not included in the lease fee.

 There are two types of horses available: our school horses and our sale horses. There will be no more than three show leases assigned per horse, and a lease may continue throughout the year outside of Show Season.

As Four Winds also has many sale horses for your consideration, we have the privilege to offer our intermediate and advanced riders a variety of rides! If you'd like to check the stock that you may also get to ride, please visit our Sales Page.

If you either wish to consign your horse with The Four Winds, we would love to market your athlete; or you want us to help you find your perfect match, please see our Agreements Page for more information

Please check out our Testimonial's Page to see our success stories as a training and lesson program as well as a boarding facility!