Four Winds is proud to share with you our school horses!

Arthur is a 16.3 hand gentle giant, born in 2003. He is originally bred by the Four Winds. As a chestnut shire/thoroughbred cross, he watches over both our beginners at walk/trot and takes our more advanced students on adventures over larger obstacles and courses. He is our "been there, done everything" horse. Mr. Reliable. Mr. Worth his weight in gold.

Lady is a 13.1h quarter horse pony who puts the fancy in F-A-N-C-Y! 

June is a 2011 Thoroughbred mare who moves like a darling, acts like a saint, and is going to teach you the basics of a good haunches in and some determination.

Pictures to come.

As Four Winds also has many sale horses for your consideration, we have the privilege to offer our intermediate and advanced riders a variety of rides! If you'd like to check the stock that you may also get to ride, please visit our Sales Page