Our Trainers

Linnea Throckmorton

Head Trainer


Linnea has been riding since she could walk. Being the third generation of the Throckmorton family dedicated to horses, she has a long history of equestrianism. She showed competitively across the nation all through her junior years, before she rode in Germany for an extensive period. Linnea is consistently driven towards excellence, and has spent much time furthering her education. She has ridden with a plethora of the "greats" in our sport, and is constantly seeking to grow her knowledge.

In her teaching, Linnea instills much of what she learned during her time in Germany. A good base support (your leg and core) is priority. When a good base is established, an independence of the riding aids can happen, which creates a harmony with the horses. She is a firm believer in flat work and encourages her students that jumping is “an upward transition”. It is also her belief that perfect practice makes perfect and as such encourages her students through repetition. She is engaged in all lessons and promotes mental health of horse and rider through consistent praise and positivism. 

Linnea is also a member of the board for the Colorado Hunter Jumper Association’s (chja.org). She is consistently working to help better our association and is passionate about the quality of our sport. Her goal is to promote business throughout all of CHJA and create continuity between CHJA and USHJA.


Lily Stewart

Riding Instructor


Lily has been actively involved in the horse industry for the last twenty years. She has competed through the High Children/Adult Jumpers as a Junior rider which are 1.15m. Among many of her accomplishments, she attended several junior medal finals on the East coast, has finished several green horses, and recently finished her Equine Science Degree at CSU. 

She has pursued a professional career because of her love of the horses, and as a young adult has grown to appreciate that the horses have taught the necessity for a strong work ethic and dedication. She is excited to get to share these magnificent animals with the youth of today and help watch them grow to be driven individuals, whether that be in their ride or in life. 

Hailing from the east coast, she has a very traditional approach to form and will spend much of her time developing great fundamentals of positioning. She has a love of equitation and it is reflected in her style. "Form follows function, but sometimes we need to have good form before we can truly understand good function."

Susan Herlihy

Senior Riding Instructor


Susan brings more than 25 years of teaching experience. She began her career at the Naperville Equestrian Center mentored by Grand Prix rider Victoria Ellingson.  She trained with Victoria for 12 years before moving to Colorado where she helped create the lesson program for Lynchland Stables. She trained there as the Senior Riding Instructor for 13 years. 

Susan’s lessons are challenging but she brings an understanding of each rider’s needs and strengths. She’s worked with riders as young as 7 and as mature as 75 and is equally comfortable with all generations and at all levels – as long as they come prepared, ready to work and with a love for horses and a passion for the sport! She focuses heavily on the foundational skills, believing that good riding comes from great fundamentals. She believes there are no short cuts in riding and that riding is a journey, not a destination. She emphasizes the “why” vs. the “what,” feeling that riders who understand why we do things a certain way are much better able to do so - and will become more independent and skilled riders in return. Recognized for her communication skills, Susan finds success breaking the complicated into the understandable and turning the frustrating into the break through.

She also has a strong record of success with those returning to the sport after extended absences and with individuals fighting fear, whether after an accident or a change in lifestyle. Her patient approach has helped many riders find their love for the sport again and achieve new heights (literally!) they didn’t think were possible. Pictured below is Susan and some of her students.

Our School Horses