Our Trainers

Linnea Throckmorton

Head Trainer


Linnea has been riding since she could walk. Being the third generation of the Throckmorton family dedicated to horses, she has a long history of equestrianism. She showed competitively across the nation all through her junior years, before she rode in Germany for an extensive period. Linnea is consistently driven towards excellence, and has spent much time furthering her education. She has ridden with a plethora of the "greats" in our sport, and is constantly seeking to grow her knowledge.

In her teaching, Linnea instills much of what she learned during her time in Germany. A good base support (your leg and core) is priority. When a good base is established, an independence of the riding aids can happen, which creates a harmony with the horses. She is a firm believer that riding is relative to the moment and often can be counter intuitive. She is engaged in all lessons and promotes mental health of horse and rider through consistent praise and positivism. 



Nicole Irvine

Assistant Trainer


Nicole Irvine, or "Colie" as we call her, hails from New York. She has had horses running through her veins since before she could remember and has always aspired to be a professional in this sport. She is an Equine Science Major with CSU, so she brings a well rounded knowledge of the horse to her students. An avid horsewoman, you will know of how to help encourage a happier, healthier horse. She is lively and energetic. She is loveable and a goof. She is balanced in her drive, her charisma and her dedication.

Nicole Irvine has yet to write us a formal bio and send in pictures, so we looted her Facebook and sing her praises ourselves, as she's been a true asset to our team.