Four Winds prides itself on a meticulous pairing of the perfect horse and rider combination. Whether you would like help purchasing a horse, would like to sell a horse or lease a horse, we would be more than happy to help you. Below you'll find our general agreements in order to proceed with each course of action.


If we are hired to find a horse for you to buy, the cost is 10% of the horse's purchase price.  We will search online, and also speak to our many contacts in the horse industry to find prospective horses.  We will talk with the horse's owner, trainer, or agent to get more information and to determine if it is appropriate to see and test the horse.  If we see the horse, the prospective buyer is highly encouraged to accompany us to see the horse and do a test-ride.  If the horse is a good match and we agree that we should make an offer to purchase the horse, we can arrange a pre-purchase veterinary check of the horse, to be paid by the prospective buyer.  Assuming the horse passes the vet check and an offer is accepted by the seller, we can also arrange for transport of the horse, the cost of which shall also be borne by the prospective buyer.  All travel expenses outside the local Fort Collins, CO area shall be paid by the prospective buyer. The commission fee will be waived on all horses purchased or leased directly from Four Winds.

The work that we do when looking for a lease horse is the same as what is done for the basic purchase contract.  The cost is 10% of the annual lease fee.  If there is no lease fee, the charge for finding a lease horse is $500. The commission fee will be waived on all horses purchased or leased directly from Four Winds.

Basic horse sales have a commission of 10% of the sales price.  We will take videos and photos to use for promoting the horse, and we will show your horse to prospective buyers.  The 10% commission also includes all free advertising online, including Facebook groups.  Any out-of-pocket expenses for advertising are not included.  Board, training, longeing, and turnouts are not included.  All other expenses (showing, trailering, supplements, shoeing, vet bills, etc.) will be paid by the owner as they are incurred.

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