We have searched long and hard for the caretakers that are our School Horses. They are a special kind of soul that will enrich your riding career with confidence, determination, and more importantly fun. They will keep you safe while in the tack, but educate you of the woeful fact that horses will always have a mind of their own! Our lesson program will daine to give you the communication and life skills that you need to progress successfully in this sport. Please give these guys a look on our School Horse Page

Our lessons have been separated into two different programs, Premier and School.

Premier riding lessons are booked with the head trainer and are at a higher lesson rate. These are lessons typically booked if you are an intermediate-advanced rider consistently jumping around 3ft and up, and/or own your own horse.

Our school lessons are booked with any of our trainers available on our school horses. These lessons are for the beginners just learning how to ride (walk/trot) through the beginner-intermediate riders jumping around 2'6" courses. Upon your first lesson, you will be assigned a Group (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Phi and Omega) to sign up with.

Please see the Lessons and Training Price Sheet for more information.

Premier Students: Students who own their own horses or are consistently jumping at 3’ and up.

School Program:
Divided Up by lesson groups as below.
Walk/Trot: Walk, trot and learning to steer. Riders are typically still working on a longe line.
Walk/Trot/Canter: Walk, trot and (or) are learning to canter.
Pile of Poles: Cantering solo and are learning course work over pile of poles
Xrails to 18”: Learning to jump and challenging themselves over X-rails through 18”
2’ to 2’3”: Jumping consistently and are challenging themselves from 2’ to 2’3”
2’6” to 2’9”: Jumping consistently and are challenging themselves at various heights from 2'6" through 2'9"

These groups have been assigned specific time availability, which can be found by clicking here.

For a general guideline on our expectations on how to advance through the groups, please see this Evaluating Students sheet.

As a student progresses in their riding and athleticism, we expect that they will also improve in their knowledge of safety, equine health and care, basic knowledge of the sport and continue to have improvement through goals.

Goal Tiers:

Tier 1: Students lesson once to twice a week.
              See Student Evaluations for progressing through Groups 
              Learn the names and all parts of the equipment used
              Learn horse anatomy

Tier 2: School Program and Premier Students
              Students begin leasing and showing show – riding a minimum of three days weekly
              Learn function and use of different equipment
Learn to Longe
              Attended the Equine Symposium

Tier 3: Competes Regularly in a season (April through November) at an average of four shows
              Attends clinics
              Begins to think of buying first horse (See Buying Your First Horse)

Tier 4: Premier Students who own their horse.
              Competes Ambitiously (three USHJA shows or more)

For optimal improvement, we recommend that a student lesson a minimum of twice a week. Once a week is a great opportunity to learn and achieve technique, however – this is a sport! The more time and commitment put in, the better a rider will become.

Most serious competitors ride a minimum of four to five days a week and typically own their own horse. We recommend leasing a horse first to make sure you can both financially commit, as well as put in the time. As a part of our competing regulations, we also require that three rides be put in minimum a week to compete at 2’3”. If you wish to compete at 3’ and above, we require four to fives rides per week. Please see our informational sheet on both leasing and potentially owning a horse.

Before competing, we recommend an average of six months of riding and horsemanship skills are grown before considering. Students must be cantering on their own before they think of their first schooling show. We compete at a schooling show level until they are practicing over 2’6” courses at home, then move onto the CHJA level at 2’3”. A good rule of thumb is to be schooling at home three inches above what you expect to compete at. Please refer to our Horseshows 101 Packet for more information on shows.

Please note that we do NOT take riders younger than eight.

Clients scheduling must book NO LESS than 12Hours in Advance and Cancellations must be done AT LEAST 24 Hours in Advance. If a time isn't shown, it is not available. Please come to your lesson at least 30 minutes early to tack your horse and be ready to enter the arena at your lesson time.

If you have any questions about an appropriate time to schedule yourself check out our Google Calendar on the Lesson and Barn Schedule page.

If you are wondering if another person booked would be a good lesson match, please feel free to contact us via text or email .

If you wish to book your lesson online, please go to our Appointment Page
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